Freaky Tuesday

Yesterday had a bizarre turn of events. As the day before was All Souls and that was a holiday, yesterday was the first working day of the week and I brought my car to work when I otherwise wouldn’t. After office hours I decided to walk to SM City North, which is practically the entire length of North Avenue, instead of driving it and paying for parking. Aside from avoiding the parking fee, it’s short enough that a walk isn’t strenuous and would serve as a good warm-up for my legs in preparation for this morning’s regularly scheduled weekly walk. So off I was to SM, and was walking alongside the gold course of the Veterans’ Memorial Medical Center towards the Mindanao Avenue intersection, when all of sudden something hit my right hip rather hard, and from the corner of my eye I saw a blur of movement. There was a flash of pain and at first I thought a branch of one of the trees lining the avenue fell and hit me. But a close look at the ground revealed the culprit to be a gold ball. Apparently someone hit an errant stroke and the ball sailed over the perimeter fence; and it so happened that there was no tall net to intercept high balls. Seeing the ball roll off into the street I halted the taxi bearing down on it; fortunately the traffic light was red and I had no difficulty retrieving the ball. I looked through the fence to see if I could discern the player who hit the stroke. I saw an elderly man coming towards me from some distance off, at which point I raised the ball in my hand to show to him and at the same time raised my right leg and pointed to my hip to indicate where I was struck. He was very apologetic in his expression, and appreciative of the fact that I retrieved the ball and was handing it over to him. I simply smiled and shrugged to put him at ease and reassure him that everything was ok with me. Then off i went to resume my walk to SM, and that was the end of that incident.

But it didn’t end there. After paying my bills, buying a couple of comic books, and doing grocery shopping, I went to my favorite ice cream parlor, which is where I usually go to read my comic books at leisure before driving off or taking the jeepney or FX back to work or home. I ordered my usual dessert, chocolate shake, and it came in the customary tall glass and topped with whipped cream. I had barely taken a sip when a fly buzzed around and settled on the cream! I tried to shoo it off, then blow it off, but by then it had become mired in the cream. I called the attention of a waiter and pointed out what happened, and they graciously offered to replace the shake at no charge. The manager herself served me the replacement shake, and I told her about the day turned out for me, and how this was the second bizarre event to happen to me. She said that she hoped that nothing more unusual would happen to me, and she gave the proverbial knock on wood for luck.

To my great relief nothing else weird happened after that, so I was able to take the jeepney back to the office with an armload of grocery bags, and from there I drove home. And that’s how my day ended.

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